Superman had his "S." Animal Man had his "A." Wonder Woman had her "W."

I "saw" the opportunity almost immediately.

Cover by Anthony Castrillo
Written by Jim Krueger
Artists: Anthony Castrillo

Alphabet Supes are a team of 26 super-powered heroes, each with a different letter of the Alphabet on his/her chests.

Using advanced technologies known as the "Alphabetron Transmodifiers," the Alphabet Supes have the ability to transform (as in 'MORPH') into the very word they spell, becoming the first team of heroes actually battle the dark evils of illiteracy.

For example, somewhere in the streets of Alphabet City, the towering metropolis the Supes make their home, there's a fire. The five corresponding members of the team spell out the word "water," transforming into a raging torrent capable of putting out the fire. And the day is saved.

Each hero, of course, has their own personal hang-up inherent with the nature of the letter they represent. The vowels are stuck on themselves because nothing can be spelled without them. "Y" has a split personality (is she a vowel or is she a consonant?). "Q" is emotionally codependent on "U." "Z" is always sleeping because he never gets used. "O" is in a state of constant amazement all the time. "E" and "I" are in bitter competition over who gets to go first. "T" is vindictive and always cross. And "S" can be very possessive at times.


PUB. DATE: May 1999


PRICE: $3.00

PUBLISHER: Big Bad World

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